On the way to scale and stabilize AhaMove API Systems

Notice: drafting version

Old architecture

AhaMove old architecture

Old issues:

  • without dockerization
  • only 1 ec2 c5.4xlarge (1 nginx)


  • moving super fast
  • features rollout fucking fast


  • Waste of resource (only utilize 70% peak time)
  • Can’t scale

On the way to stabilize and scale up API system

1 main api, and 1 backup api, nginx proxy on main api

1 main instance (c5.2xlarge) + 1 back up instance (c5.2xlarge)


  • Fixed resources thus no utilize resource when low traffic

AhaMove old arch - CPU utilization

Avg rps: 500

Then, we move the API to aws eks

We want to resolve:

  • Auto scale up when traffic increase
  • Resource utilization when low traffic

New architecture

AhaMove eks architecture

Dashboard and Logs

AhaMove EKS Production Cloud Watch Dashboard
Cloud watch Logs Insights


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